What is Nyheim ?

Nyheim is an exciting digital board game set in a post-pandemic world. It is a unique single-player experience in which you look for resources, complete quests and avoid crises in order to rebuild and recover. Nyheim takes a positive approach and attitude to surviving a pandemic, by focusing on rebuilding the society one task at a time. The game will be available for mobile platforms in Q3 2016 and for PC in Q1 2017.

Nyheim is game

In February 2015, a rat in London is infected by a virus that causes excessive testosterone buildup and aggression. After one month, the virus spreads to a large part of the rat population. Pest control becomes aware of the changed behaviour and captures some of the rats. One person is bitten and becomes infected.

Disease links to rats

The disease mutates and becomes airborne with an incubation time of three weeks. It worsens, causing muscle ache, confusion and fatigue. Within a week, patient one dies from respiratory failure; within a few more weeks, many other fatalities are recorded in central Europe, the US East Coast and China.

After 8 weeks WHO issues a global pandemic alarm and attempts to contain and quarantine the disease. Large swathes of population begin to show symptoms, slowing government down. People start to hoard supplies and lock themselves at home in order to avoid contact with others. Meanwhile, rat populations boom and take to the streets, invading supermarkets and homes in order to find food.

Nyheim is an exciting single-player board gaming experience a fusion of digital and tabletop.

– An intuitive and fast dice-based resolution system
– Strategic balancing between handling crises and goals
– Random generation and multiple endings providing replayability
– A positive attitude of rebuilding, working together as a society

Royal Adviser game

The Kingdom has floundered under a weak King. Now the Royal Advisers, members of the King’s most trusted council, are putting their plans for taking advantage of the situation forward. Join the Advisers, form alliances and advise the King towards your goals!

Royal Adviser is a pass-and-play tablet and mobile game where you and your friends attempt to achieve your secret goals while taking hidden actions, spying on each other and forming clandestine alliances.

One game takes about 20-40 minutes and uses only a single device, making it a perfect secondary activity for a long drive, a boring movie or a bar night with your friends.

Here is our awesome team.

Happy Hobgoblin is a group of game development professionals who found each other in Oulu Game Lab-program. After working together for a year on the Nyheim mobile, the team bonds are tight and everyone is itching to get to develop the game to its maximum potential!

Samuli Raninen

CEO / Game Designer

Pekka Södervall


Antti Saarilampi

Audio Designer

Jesse Passoja

Creative Director

Petri Hietala

Lead Programmer

Aki Hätälä


Jouni Maunula


Antti Kallunki

Community Manager